Preparing for Turtles at Nature Boardwalk

We want to welcome many different types of wildlife to the pond at Nature Boardwalk, a desire that’s reflected in the area’s design and landscaping. A specific group of animals we hope to welcome is turtles. We plan on bringing turtles to the pond in the future, and some may naturally find their way here as well.

Because turtles can’t regulate their own temperature like we can, basking sites are a very important habitat feature to welcome them. Basking sites are spots where turtles can use heat from the sun to regulate their temperatures.

Rocks were set at the water’s edge to provide basking locations for turtles.

To provide some variety, we also placed logs or fallen trees (“deadfalls”) in the water so that turtles can climb onto the trunk or limbs to bask in the summer sun.

I was excited to see these features added to the site last week, as one of the finishing touches. Be sure to look for these landscape features when you go to Nature Boardwalk!

Vicky Hunt


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