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October 29, 2014
We Still Need Help IDing Chicago Wildlife!

Which species are sniffing around Chicago’s backyards and wild places? Help zoo scientists ID 1 million photos of local wildlife, including this coyote, at!

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September 22, 2014
World Rhino Day

In honor of World Rhino Day, King stands alongside mom Kapuki in the Harris Family Foundation Black Rhinoceros Exhibit. One of five species of rhino are represented at Lincoln Park Zoo—the Eastern black rhinoceros. This species, along with the Sumatran and Javan rhinoceros, is critically endangered in the wild.

September 21, 2014
Sunny Savannah

Baringo giraffes and Grant's gazelles are just some of the fascinating species you'll see outside on a beautiful day at the zoo!

September 21, 2014
Explore After Hours with a Twilight Safari

Join us September 24 for our last Twilight Safari of the season! This after-hours stroll will highlight the Kovler Sea Lion Pool and Kovler Lion House, including "mane" lion Sahar.

September 20, 2014
International Red Panda Day

Did you know? It’s International Red Panda Day! This endangered species can be found in mountain ranges throughout Asian countries including China, Nepal, India, Burma and Bhutan. Bamboo is the most significant part of the red panda diet, despite their inability to properly digest the fiber in it.

September 19, 2014
Photo of the Week: September 19

A caregiver holds a newly hatched ornate box turtle in our Photo of the Week. This new arrival and 10 of its peers will spend the next year getting a “head start” behind the scenes at the Kovler Lion House before returning to the wild.

September 19, 2014
Free “Best in Show” Screening Tonight at the Zoo

The lovely weather is cooperating for tonight’s Zoovies screening of “Best in Show”! The classic canine comedy starts at dusk on the zoo’s beautiful South Lawn.

September 18, 2014
Post from the President--Sharing Care

Developed by our experts, the ZooMonitor app offers a high-tech way to keep tabs on the zoo’s animals. Now, thanks to a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, we'll share it with zoos across the country. President and CEO Kevin Bell has the details.

September 18, 2014
Cleave it for Beaver

The American beavers at the Pritzker Family Children’s Zoo can cut down branches with their teeth, but zookeepers use garden pruners to cut down leafy browse for their daily diets.

September 17, 2014
Apes and Grapes

What do motion-triggered cameras, tool-use studies, token-exchange economics and symbol sequencing on computer touch screens have in common?

September 17, 2014
Chacoan Peccaries

The Antelope & Zebra Area has welcomed three male Chacoan peccaries! Similar to a pig, this species is endangered in the wild and is named after the area it originates from—the Gran Chaco region of South America. They're so well adapted to their dry climate that even cacti are part of their diet.

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