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September 4, 2015
Photo of the Week: September 4

Our baby Hoffman’s two-toed sloth sticks its tongue out in our Photo of the Week! See if you can spot the little one hanging with mom Hersey at Regenstein Small Mammal–Reptile House this weekend.

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October 27, 2011
Autumn Meadowhawks Arrive Fashionably Late

Autumn meadowhawks are likely the last dragonflies of the season at Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo. Coordinator of Wildlife Management Vicky Hunt shares how their brilliant colors evoke the fall foliage.

October 26, 2011
Wine & Wildlife: Black-Footed Ferrets—Back from the Brink

‎30 years ago black-footed ferrets were considered extinct, but the discovery of a wild population jumpstarted a recovery program that’s reintroduced 2,600 individuals to the wild. Come to the zoo November 17 to enjoy a glass of wine as researchers, educators and community leaders share how these animals continue the fight to survive.

October 24, 2011
It's Raining Rubies!

Coordinator of Wildlife Management Vicky Hunt spots ruby-crowned kinglets migrating through Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo. The males’ vibrant red caps add to the fall colors already on display.

October 21, 2011
Are You Going to Get Spooky?

Spooky Zoo Spectacular kicks off tomorrow at 11 a.m. We'll have music, crafts, games and trick-or-treating throughout the zoo. Join us for this fun, free event! Learn more here.

October 21, 2011
New Arrival: Bolivian Gray Titi Monkey

Welcome to our newest arrival—a baby Bolivian gray titi monkey, born October 17! See a photo and all the details.

October 19, 2011
ZooMail Shares What's New

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October 19, 2011
Autumn Animal Photography Recap

Zoo photographer John Kortas kicked off Saturday’s Autumn Animal Photography workshop with special tips for getting the right shot. Participants then enjoyed opportunities to photograph zoo animals—including the ostrich—as they interacted with special enrichment items.

Want to join the fun? See a full list of upcoming adult programs!

October 18, 2011
Creepy Critters—Dwarf Crocodiles

The zoo’s juvenile dwarf crocodiles hunt like their larger cousins—but on a scale that substitutes crickets for wildebeest as prey. Learn more—and see a pumpkin photo—with our Creepy Critters close-up!

October 15, 2011
Creepy Critters—Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake

They might look creepy, with their rattle-tipped tails, but eastern massasauga rattlesnakes are pretty cool. Learn more and see one exploring a jack-o-lantern here.

October 14, 2011
Bullfrog Mid-Metamorphosis
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