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July 5, 2015
Red Panda Cubs Move, Then Nap

In this latest update from our red panda den cam, one of the cubs wiggles across the floor…and just as quickly falls asleep. Learn all about the new arrivals at

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December 6, 2011
Chilean Flamingo Diet Snapshot

What's on the menu for the zoo's Chilean flamingos? Find out with our latest Diet Snapshot!

December 5, 2011
Ring-Necked Duck Joins the Waterfowl Party

Coordinator of Wildlife Management Vicky Hunt spots a male ring-necked duck at Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo, fueling up for the flight ahead.

December 5, 2011
Bubble Bath

Lincoln Park Zoo’s Auxiliary Board and BIN 36 are hosting Bubble Bath, the 12th annual holiday fete where guests sample more than 75 varieties of champagne and sparkling wine hand-picked by BIN 36 Wine Director Brian Duncan. Enjoy bubbly-friendly bites prepared by BIN 36 Executive Chef John Caputo. And know that a portion of the event’s proceeds benefit Lincoln Park Zoo! Go here to learn more.

December 5, 2011
Chimps Should Be Chimps Trailer

Watch the video trailer for Chimps Should Be Chimps, the free iPad interactive storybook presented by Lincoln Park Zoo's Project ChimpCARE and Manning Productions.

December 5, 2011
The Science and Heartbreak of Zoo Romance
December 3, 2011
ZooLights Shine This Weekend

Join us for ZooLights Presented by ComEd and Charter One, featuring more than 2 million lights, visits with Santa, yummy snacks, warm drinks and more.

December 2, 2011
Chimps Should Be Chimps iPad Giveaway!

To celebrate the release of Chimps Should Be Chimps, Lincoln Park Zoo’s Project ChimpCARE is giving away a free iPad! Visit the website and enter your name, mailing address and email address for a chance to win.

December 2, 2011
Chimps Should Be Chimps

Lincoln Park Zoo’s Project ChimpCARE is proud to announce the release of Chimps Should Be Chimps. This free, interactive iPad children’s book uses the story of Old Poe and granddaughter Lulu to share how chimps should be free to be themselves, from chimp head to chimp toe!

December 2, 2011
Mystery in the Zoo: Africa's Buffet

Parents, sign up your first–second graders for a food-filled zoo mystery! On December 10, kids will explore the diverse diets of African animals with Mystery in the Zoo: Africa’s Buffet.

December 1, 2011
A Little Cool

The holidays are approaching. ZooLights have already begun shining on grounds. And yet—today at least—the weather has been downright pleasant. Animal lovers took advantage of the mild temps, strolling the zoo with jackets unzipped, hands uncovered and eyes wide for animals doing the same thing…enjoying a bit of comfort before the cold comes for good.

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