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December 19, 2014
Win a Behind-the-Scenes Tour at the Zoo!

ZooLights Presented by ComEd and PNC Bank is one big merry-glow-round of illuminated holiday fun. Even more so if you’re the lucky winner of a behind-the-scenes tour at the zoo!

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May 24, 2011
Into the Field to Find Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnakes

Researcher Lisa Faust recaps another successful field season for eastern massasauga rattlesnakes. By studying this secretive species in Michigan, researchers can learn how to conserve them throughout their range.

May 20, 2011
Today is Endangered Species Day—Join Us!

Educators at the zoo today will offer special info on some of our rarest species. Scientists from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will also be on hand to share how they’ve partnered with the zoo to save animals. Join us for these fun, free activities as we recognize Endangered Species Day. Learn more here.

May 20, 2011
Got Weekend Plans?

Visit the zoo this weekend. We've got Endangered Species Day activities taking place today. Yoga is happening at Nature Boardwalk tomorrow. And our daily activities range from cow milking to great ape training sessions. And, of course, we're free and open to all. See the full list of daily fun here.

May 19, 2011
They Grow Up So Fast

The white-cheeked gibbon born at the Helen Brach Primate House in January has begun taking his first (wobbly) steps. Check it out.

May 17, 2011
It’s Baby Season: Enjoy from a Distance!

In sharing some of the ducklings and goslings spotted at Nature Boardwalk, Coordinator of Wildlife Management Vicky Hunt reminds us it’s best to enjoy them from a distance!

May 17, 2011
Model Primate

Desert Plastics, which manufacturers many of the enrichment items presented to Lincoln Park Zoo's animals, recently held a photo contest. We won, thanks to photographer John Kortas' keen eye, a great-looking gorilla and some beautiful fall colors. The $100 prize is earmarked for more enrichment items for the primates.

May 16, 2011
Takin Enrichment

Lincoln Park Zoo's Sichuan takin discovered some unusual items in their yard this morning. Take a look.

May 16, 2011
Endangered Species Day is Friday

Lincoln Park Zoo the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are marking Endangered Species Day with a conservation celebration! On Friday, educators will focus on the zoo's rarest species while biologists explain their work to save rattlesnakes and piping plovers. Learn more about all of the activities here.

May 13, 2011
Black-Crowned Night Herons: 400 and Counting
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