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July 29, 2015
Part of the Pride

Love lions? You can see females Kamali and Zalika (pictured) and male Sahar on the prowl daily at the Kovler Lion House!

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March 15, 2012
Checking In on the White-Cheeked Gibbons

Visiting the endangered apes in the Helen Brach Primate House--see the photos!

Male white-cheeked gibbon Caruso displays the feature that gives the species its name.

March 15, 2012
An Old Friend and New Visitors
March 15, 2012
Scientists on Safari

This spring break, third-fourth graders can see what a zoo scientist's life is like with Scientists on Safari! Learn about wild research projects and then conduct your own behavioral study.

March 14, 2012
Big Birds

Eagles, vultures and owls...check in with the Birds of Prey with these photos from a beautiful day at the zoo!

March 14, 2012
African Adventure

Give your first-second grader a day of spring-break fun they won't forget with African Adventure at Lincoln Park Zoo.

March 13, 2012
Where Are They Now?

How are Lincoln Park Zoo’s former penguins and seabirds adjusting to their new homes? Hope B. McCormick Curator of Birds Colleen Lynch fills us in on everything from escape attempts to the “rock star” treatment.

March 9, 2012
Hoofstock Highlights

Checking in on some of the animals at Antelope & Zebra Area on a sunny March day.

The alpacas show off their winter wool.

The male white-lipped deer displays his antlers as he nuzzles the female.

A Sichuan takin stretches out on the ground.

March 9, 2012
Check Out the New Issue of Lincoln Park Zoo Magazine

The Spring 2012 issue of Lincoln Park Zoo's award-winning magazine is now online! Learn in a Living Classroom shares stories of wild education here and around the globe. Read or download the full issue and enjoy online exclusives.

March 8, 2012
Scientists on Safari

Third-fourth graders can step into a scientist's shoes on spring break, conducting their own animal-behavior research at the zoo!

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