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April 16, 2014
Bustling Boardwalk

Join us for our next Morning Safari on Saturday, April 26! Explore Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo with a zoo horticulturist and a scientist from the zoo’s Urban Wildlife Institute.

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November 12, 2013
Bedding Down

Hank's chimpanzee group at Regenstein Center for African Apes typically ends the day by making comfy "sleeping nests" in the mulch of their exhibit. Have you seen them getting ready for bed?

November 8, 2013
Photo of the Week: November 8

A foraging cactus mouse gets caught shred-handed in our Photo of the Week.

November 8, 2013
Return to Tanzania

As Serengeti researcher Anna Czupryna embarks on her fourth and final year of field research, she rejoices at seeing some familiar faces, canine and human alike!

November 8, 2013
Santa Claws is Coming to Town

Cantaloupes for Andean bears, boomer balls for big cats, tools for bird pedicures. These fun items and many more are on this year’s holiday Wish List for the zoo’s animals.

November 7, 2013
Post from the President—Growing Gorillas

President and CEO Kevin Bell shares what's new with the gorillas at Regenstein Center for African Apes, including bachelor play and full reintroductions for babies Patty and Nayembi.

November 7, 2013
Meet the Oldest Animals in Chicago

Who are some of the oldest animals in Chicago's zoos and aquariums? Steve Johnson shares an inside look at caring for geriatric wildlife in the Chicago Tribune.

November 6, 2013
Celebrating Fall

The fall foliage is in full color at Chicago’s free zoo. Stop by to see the seasonal spectacle before it’s gone!

November 6, 2013
Chimpanzees Trade Tokens for Treats

The Chicago Tribune's Blue Sky Innovation site offers an update on the zoo's token-exchange studies, highlighting how lower-ranking members of Hank's chimpanzee group are spurred to innovate to gain access to desired treats. See the feature and video!

November 5, 2013
Birthday Goodies for a Big Black Bear

Black bear Papa enjoys some special enrichment at the Pritzker Family Children’s Zoo to celebrate his 26th birthday.

November 5, 2013
A Matter of Taste

To hunt or forage—that is the question. During our final Second Saturdays Showcase on November 9 we’ll explore the dietary preferences of different species at the zoo.

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