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February 28, 2015
Week in Review: February 28

It was a busy and wonderful week at Chicago's free zoo. See all the highlights here, from a new baby gorilla to a red panda sniffing the snow.

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October 31, 2014
Photo of the Week: October 31, 2014

A member of the Sichuan takin herd sizes up a pumpkin at eye level in our Photo of the Week!

October 31, 2014
Halloween Fun for the Animals

To get a head start on Halloween, we offered the animals pumpkins to play with! See species from fruit bats to dwarf mongooses enjoying the edible enrichment with this special slideshow!

October 30, 2014
Post from the President--Two New Litters

President and CEO Kevin Bell announces the zoo's newest arrivals: four dwarf mongoose pups at Regenstein Small Mammal-Reptile House and seven Mangalitsa piglets at the Farm-in-the-Zoo. See all the details!

October 30, 2014
Winter and Spring Break Camp Registration Open to Public

Registration for our Winter Break Camp and Spring Break Camp is now open to the public and Lincoln Park Zoo members at individual and household levels.

October 29, 2014
We Still Need Help IDing Chicago Wildlife!

Which species are sniffing around Chicago’s backyards and wild places? Help zoo scientists ID 1 million photos of local wildlife, including this coyote, at!

October 28, 2014
Focus on Fall

Amazing animals and fall foliage are making for stunning views throughout the zoo! Thanks to guest Josh Mellin for sharing this colorful snapshot of African lion Sahar.

October 27, 2014
It Sure Beats Counting Sheep

Want to spend the night in an ape house? Adults with children ages 5–12 can sign up for our next Sleepover with the Animals and unroll their sleeping bags next to the gorilla and chimpanzee exhibits at Regenstein Center for African Apes!

October 24, 2014
Get Your Early Bird Tickets for BrewLights

On Wednesday, December 3, our inaugural BrewLights Presented by Louis Glunz Beer will welcome beer lovers for a night of glowing lights and tasty pours. Early bird tickets went on sale today—get yours before they’re gone!

October 24, 2014
Photo of the Week: October 24

Born September 30, our baby Francois’ langur is still cuddling up with mom—and is still bright orange, as our Photo of the Week shows! New arrivals for this endangered species keep their vibrant coats, which are thought to inspire care from other females in the group, for three to six months.

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