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August 3, 2015
Snow Small Journey

The snow monkeys at Regenstein Macaque Forest have welcomed plenty of visitors—including the scientist who paved their way to Chicago! See the full story.

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August 28, 2012
Recognizing a World Class Forest Landscape in the Heart of Africa

The Republic of Congo’s Goualougo Triangle is part of a new UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ape researcher David Morgan explains what the honor means for the region and the chimpanzees and gorillas he studies there.

August 27, 2012
Yoga at the Zoo Continues Through September

Haven’t made it over to Nature Boardwalk for our Yoga at the Zoo classes yet? Take a deeeeep breath and relax. This unique program—for adults and parents with toddlers—continues through September 27, and monthly fixed and flex passes for September are still available online.

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August 27, 2012
Baby Zebra Stands on New Legs

See the smallest member of the zebra herd in his first day of life in this video taken behind the scenes at the zoo’s Antelope & Zebra Area. After you watch, cast your vote for what we should name the new arrival!

August 27, 2012
Chicago Sun-Times Pays Tribute to Andy Henderson, a Special Friend of the Zoo

While we remain saddened by his passing, we’re heartened to see the Chicago Sun-Times pay tribute to Andy Henderson. Andy spent more than 25 years at Lincoln Park Zoo as a zookeeper and later as area supervisor of primates. He was a great person, filled with energy and charm, and a wonderful friend to wildlife.

August 24, 2012
Hot Chelle Rae and Allstar Weekend Jam at the Zoo Tonight!

Looks like a perfect night for an outdoor show! If you don't already have your tickets for Jammin' at the Zoo with Hot Chelle Rae and Allstar Weekend, you can purchase them online or at the gate!

August 24, 2012
Help the Herd with a Baby Zebra ADOPT

Celebrate the zoo’s newest arrival by taking him home with you! Our plush Baby Zebra ADOPT provides a cute keepsake—and supports world-class care for the new zebra and other zoo animals.

August 24, 2012
Lincoln Park Zoo Welcomes a Baby Zebra

Lincoln Park Zoo is happy to welcome a baby colt to the Grevy’s zebra herd! The new arrival came yesterday, but we need your help picking the perfect name.

Learn more—and vote what we should name the new arrival!

August 24, 2012
Photo of the Week: August 24

Our Photo of the Week: A closer look at the new Bolivian gray titi monkey baby at the Helen Brach Primate House.

Learn more about the new arrival with our latest Post from the President.

August 24, 2012
Zoo's Director of Horticulture Leads Special Class on DIY Planters

DIY gardeners, here’s one for you.

August 23, 2012
Shop Our Summer Wish List for the Animals

From boomer balls for the big cats to giant plastic ice cubes for the polar bear, this month's Wish List is all about summer fun for the zoo's animals. It's hot out there. Help provide them with some cool enrichment today!

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