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October 21, 2014
That's a Mouthful!

A pied tamarin enjoys a leafy treat in the treetops of the Helen Brach Primate House. These acrobatic primates are endangered in their native Brazilian rainforest.

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August 4, 2014
Catching Some Zs
Our growing Mangalitsa piglet enjoys a nice snooze next to mom at the Farm-in-the-Zoo in this post From a Curator!
August 3, 2014
Expert Zoo Care

Every zoo resident requires unique attention depending on its age and condition. See how zoo veterinarians resemble small-town doctors in caring for this wild community.

August 3, 2014
Baby Rhino Enrichment

Baby rhino King is pictured here with a large ball — just one of the several pieces of enrichment in his exhibit, where he lives alongside mom Kapuki. They can be found on the north end of Regenstein African Journey.

August 2, 2014
Animals in Their Prime

Babies can draw the biggest crowds at the zoo, but animals in their prime, such as lions, black bears and De Brazza’s monkeys, have plenty of interesting behaviors to highlight as well.

August 2, 2014
Grevy's Zebra Cools Off

A female zebra drinks from her pond to cool off at the Antelope & Zebra Area. Native to eastern Africa, this species spends most of its time roaming open grasslands and desert.

August 1, 2014
Photo of the Week: August 1

Now weighing in at more than 1,000 pounds, baby rhino King doesn’t look quite so tiny next to mom Kapuki, as our Photo of the Week shows. The little guy still has a lot of growing to do, though. See for yourself at the Harris Family Foundation Black Rhinoceros Exhibit!

August 1, 2014
Looking at Local Bats

Are bats roosting in the Loop? WBEZ’s Curious City visualizes where Chicago bats are likely to live…with an assist from scientists in the zoo’s Urban Wildlife Institute.

July 31, 2014
Hillside Haven

Prairie wildflowers provide painterly splashes of color in a recently landscaped hillside garden at Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo.

July 31, 2014
Lincoln Park Zoo Featured in the Chicago Tribune!
"8 Reasons to Lincoln Park Zoo"--we love it! Thanks to the Chicago Tribune for a fun look at Chicago's free zoo.


July 30, 2014
Check Out the Latest Zoo App
This Sunday, August 3, zoo educator Matt Mulligan will demonstrate the zoo's award-winning Observe to Learn app at the Lincoln Park Apple Store at 11 a.m. This free, educational app lets users monitor animal behavior much as zoo scientists do.
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