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October 8, 2015
Post from the President--New Chance for Conservation

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July 18, 2015
Sculpture Show Tours

“Finish” reflects man’s ability to strive for goals. Get motivated this weekend at a free Nature in Motion: Sculpture Show Tour!

July 18, 2015
Red Panda Den Cam Update

Get a sneak peek at our red panda cubs being well nurtured by their mother in this den cam update!

July 17, 2015
Photo of the Week: July 17, 2015

C’mon, lemme see you shake your tail feathers! A Chilean flamingo complies in our Photo of the Week.

July 17, 2015
Reintroduction of Smooth Green Snakes

This week Lincoln Park Zoo reintroduced eight smooth green snakes to their native habitat in a joint effort to conserve the species. Learn more about this local conservation work!

July 17, 2015
Happy Birthday, Mruko!

Mruko, our serval at the Kovler Lion House, celebrates her 26th birthday with some birthday enrichment!

July 17, 2015
From A Curator

Who could say no to that face? The zoo’s black bear, Katai, enjoys a rest in his woodsy habitat at the Pritzker Family Children’s Zoo. #FromACurator

July 17, 2015
Free Sculpture Show Tours

Get inspired at one of our free Nature in Motion: Sculpture at Lincoln Park Zoo tours this weekend!

July 16, 2015
Post from the President—Prioritizing Primate Welfare

Kevin Bell speaks out on behalf of capuchin monkeys exploited for public entertainment, and details the harmful consequences to this highly intelligent, complex species.

July 16, 2015
Free Live Music at the Patio Tonight

Enjoy free live music from 5:30–7:30 p.m. tonight at the Patio at Café Brauer!

July 16, 2015
Urban Wildlife Shop Talk

What happens when almost 300 scientists who study urban wildlife get together?

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