What's Your Zoo FAQ?

Have something you've always wondered as you walked zoo grounds? We're collecting zoo FAQs to answer in the fall issue of LIncoln Park Zoo magazine. Submit your question below, and we'll pass the best along to our zoo experts!



The swans have been relocated from Swan Pond to a grassy area -- are they being punished for attacking ducks that attempt to get in on the action when the swans are being fed?

Re: Swans!

Claudia, we can answer this one now--there's no punishment involved. The swans have been moved in preparation for renovation work that will be done soon at the Hope B. McCormick Swan Pond.


Don't the rhinos get lonely living solo? Does it affect their behavior?


A few times I recall seeing one adult takin in a separate area from the others. What are some of the reasons that might result in this separation?


I'd like to know the bio. of each Lincoln Pk bear
including date & place of birth,
when did s/he arrive at Lincoln Pk.,
current height & weight,
usual food amounts & treats,
toys ?


Animal mental health

I have noticed that the big tiger in the outdoor exhibit, as well as the polar bear, exhibiting repetitive behaviors. This is alarming because it suggests that the animals are bored to the extent that they're showing mental health problems.

While I know that LPZoo has animal enrichment activites and strives for diverse and interesting habitats, I wonder if there is any help for the animals that seem to be already lost.

I don't know if the Farm in the Zoo is under the jurisdiction of the Zoo, but many of the animals just stand and stare into some middle distance. I've known cows to be curious animals that enjoy stimulation, yet the dairy cows and the two steers just sort of stand there. Does anyone take them for walks? Allow them to interact with people? Can one groom the steer that pushes a ball around? I do appreciate the farm as a way to acquaint city dwellers with food production, but my heart breaks for the animals.

Re: Animal Mental Health

Thanks for sharing your concerns. This may be an issue to explore in greater depth in the fall Lincoln Park Zoo magazine, but rest assured that part of the zoo meets the highest standars for animal housing and engagement. Animal care is our top priority, and habitats are continually modified based on the animal’s individual needs.

vulture chick at the zoo

You may be interested to know that last May (May 2012) a peregrine falcon nested on the penthouse deck of our condo building. A chick emerged from an egg, causing a stir among us residents. After several weeks, Mary Hennen from the Field came by and banded the chick. The mother falcon was found to be banded also, she was born in Ohio. In due time, chick and mother flew off.

Lee the Polar Bear

Will Lee ever return to LP Zoo? If not, will Ana ever get another polar bear to share her habitat?

Thank you!

Re: Lee the Polar Bear

Thanks for the questions, Spencer! Lee is part of a breeding pair at the Detroit Zoo, so right now it doesn't seem likely he'll return, although population plans can always change. The question of Anana getting a possible partner is something we can consider for the fall magazine.


I just adopted a animal with the plush gift, and would like to know if I have any exclusives.

Thank You!


Thank you for supporting the care of Lincoln Park Zoo's animals! The plush ADOPT package features all of the following:

• Plush of your chosen animal
• Personalized certificate of ADOPTion
• Printed animal fact sheet
• 4x5 photograph of your animal printed on high quality museum archival paper
• Magnetized photo frame

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