All About Anana

The recent cold snap has inspired a lot of interest in Lincoln Park Zoo polar bear Anana. What else is there to know about one of the zoo’s top predators?

Polar bear Anana has lived at Lincoln Park Zoo since 2001. Photo by Zoological Manager Laszlo Szilagyi.

Anana, whose name means “beautiful” in Inuit, was born at Seneca Park Zoo in November 1999. She came to Lincoln Park Zoo in 2001, sharing the exhibit for some years with brother, Lee, who moved to Detroit Zoo in 2009 as part of a breeding recommendation. (The species is naturally solitary in the wild, so the shift to solo living wasn’t an issue for Anana.)

Our big bear tips the scales at more than 700 pounds, enjoying a hearty diet of polar bear chow, fish, meat, bones, veggies and fruits. Gnawing on a big bone in her exhibit is one of Anana’s favorite forms of enrichment, although she also takes frequent dives in her outdoor pool…generally when the weather is a bit warmer than this, though!

Thanks to Zoological Manager Laszlo Szilagyi for the photo.



I just love Anana! It was too funny though that on Tuesday morning I commented to my husband that Anana must be loving the weather. Then I got to work here in Indianapolis and saw an article saying that she was staying inside and thought geez... Anana can't even take this cold! I'm thankful for the heatwave and that Anana can get back to her laps around her pool!!!

Re: Anana

We love her too--and we think she'll be more likely to be outside with the warming weather this weekend!



Re: Cute...

Glad you enjoyed it!

How did she hurt her paw? It

How did she hurt her paw? It looks like she has a scar?

Very Observant

Anana does have a scar on her right front leg from an old injury when she was a cub. Our caregivers report that she's doing fine.


How will Anana be transported and where is she going? Will she return to Lincoln Park Zoo following the renovation? Thanks, just curious about this gorgeous girl!!

Great Questions

Regarding her move and her destination, we typically don't share transfer details until the move is complete. We should have more on that soon, though!

As for her return, Anana may come back after the new Polar Bear Habitat is complete, but those details will be determined down the road as part of the expert population planning by the Polar Bear Species Survival Plan®.


<3 bears!

I'd be scared to know how much a 700+ pound bear needs to eat each day!

How much?

A lot--but our Nutrition Center gives Anana the diet she needs to thrive!


I was there for Anana's Farewell Party a few Saturday's ago. Wow, did she ever perform!! She ate lettuce and ice, wandered around, swam around, tossed a dead rabbit in the air, peed, pooped and right around noon laid down... party over!! There was never a dull moment though during those two hours! It was a little sad when the children (or was that me?) would cry because she was leaving!! One little boy asked his dad to throw him over the wall so he could swim with her. Dad said no. Too funny! It was a great time! So glad I made the trip up from Indianapolis even if I did get in the worse weather ever on the way home! Hope to see Anana at Christmas at her new home when we go to Winston-Salem!! I told her I would see her then!! :) Safe travels Anana!!

Sounds LIke Quite the Party

Although we're certainly glad that little boy's dad didn't listen to him! Thanks for making journey, and please say "hello" to Anana for us if you make the trip to North Carolina.

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