Setting the Camera Traps

We got up early and went to check some of the “camera traps” that Jordana had set up. The camera traps are stationed at black rhino “latrines.” What is nice about black rhinos is that they defecate at certain locations, latrines, as a way to mark their territory. After they defecate, they scrape their hind legs, knocking around the feces and spreading the odor...making their presence known.

We are using camera traps to study the movements of the black rhinos and to collect feces from known individuals. So, we set up a camera trap on a rhino latrine and check it the following morning. We find the last picture of a rhino (all rhinos are ear-marked, so we can identify individuals) to determine who left the sample during the night.

Jordana has tried several models of camera traps, but not all of them have been successful. So, Elizabeth and I brought different models to try. It took the entire morning, but we have three set up. We then returned to the Wendies for lunch and worked on our PowerPoint presentation for SANparks.

Rachel Santymire


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