Pied tamarin

Latin Name
Saguinus bicolor




Brown-and-white furred bodies are juxtaposed by bald, dark faces. Small bodies—hardly larger than squirrels—are juxtaposed by long tails.



Brazilian rainforest, north of the Amazon River


Endangered. Lincoln Park Zoo cooperatively manages pied tamarin populations with other institutions in the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.


As arboreal primates, pied tamarins live in the upper parts of trees within forests and swamps.


Pied tamarins live in social, multi-male/multi-female family groups. While they primarily eat fruits and flowers, they will gobble insects.

Life History

The vast majority of births are twins, born with fur, but helpless for a few weeks. Males provide much of the care for offspring, carrying the youngsters and feeding them once they wean.

Special Adaptations
  • Pied tamarins may help disperse plantlife by eating fruits and dropping their seeds.
  • They communicate audibly with whistles and chirps. They mark their scent throughout their territory. Visual signals are used, and pied tamarins employ complex tactile communication, primarily via social grooming.

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A pied tamarin at the Helen Brach Primate House poses next to his pumpkin counterpart.

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A pied tamarin poses on a house in the Helen Brach Primate House (Photo by Anita Yantz)

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