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Lincoln Park Zoo is dedicated to connecting people with nature by providing a free, family-oriented wildlife experience in the heart of Chicago and by advancing the highest quality of animal care, education, science and conservation.

Lincoln Park Zoo is a privately managed institution that depends primarily on the support of its visitors, members and donors to remain open and free every day. More than two-thirds of the zoo’s operating budget is provided by revenue from its food service, retail shops, parking, and fund-raising activities. The remaining portion is provided by a fixed annual subsidy from the Chicago Park District.

Board of Trustees
Lincoln Park Zoo relies on its Board of Trustees for leadership and guidance as it maintains its animal collection, and achieves its mission of conservation, research and education, while serving its members and the community. The Board provides insights on financial and operational matters as appropriate, and actively participates in fundraising to ensure the fiscal health of the zoo.

Women's Board
Formally established in 1977, the Women's Board of Lincoln Park Zoo is comprised of about 90 active members from Chicago and surrounding suburbs. The Women's Board was created and organized to provide supportive funds and service to The Lincoln Park Zoological Society and to aid the Society in its efforts to improve Lincoln Park Zoo.

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The Auxiliary Board of Lincoln Park Zoo
The Auxiliary Board was founded in 1984 to provide supportive funds and services to The Lincoln Park Zoological Society and to aid The Society in its efforts to improve Lincoln Park Zoo. The Auxiliary Board has approximately 100 members between the ages of 25 and 40 who are primarily young professionals from city neighborhoods near the zoo and Chicago’s suburbs.

Criteria for Membership
Prospective members should be interested in the mission and objectives of the Board and have time to fulfill the responsibilities of membership.

Membership requirements include involvement in the board’s events and attendance at quarterly board meetings and various committee meetings as needed for event planning and board operation. Financial responsibilities include paying annual membership dues, supporting fundraising efforts and contributing to Lincoln Park Zoo's annual fund.

Membership is reserved for individuals aged 25–40 at the time of application.

For more information, please contact the Auxiliary Board office at auxiliaryboard@lpzoo.org.

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The biggest factor in Lincoln Park Zoo remaining free and open 365 days a year is your support!

How Does the Zoo Stay Free?
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