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  • A Second Snow Monkey Baby

    Regenstein Macaque Forest welcomed its second new arrival of the season as female Ono gave birth April 13.

    Meet the Newest Member of the Troop

  • Measuring Movement

    Apes at Lincoln Park Zoo travel comparable distances to wild counterparts. That's one exciting takeaway from thousands of hours of behavioral monitoring by zoo experts, President and CEO Kevin Bell shares.

    Read All About Ape Travel

  • Top Chicago Nature Spots

    Zoo scientists spend a lot of time looking for local wildlife—and now they’ve shared their favorite Chicago-area nature spots, from Palmisano Park to Merritt Prairie!

    See the Full List

  • Scavenger Hunt at the Zoo!

    Compete for prizes with your team in the after-hours, all-adult Lincoln Park Zoo Challenge on Friday, May 6!

    Take the Challenge

  • Around the World

    The rainforest habitat of golden-headed lion tamarins is just one stop on an around-the-world journey with Lincoln Park Zoo's wildlife.

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Meet our latest arrivals, from an endangered kagu to two baby snow monkeys.

More than a dozen state-of-the-art habitats get guests nose to nose with nature.

Nearly 200 species serve as ambassadors for wildlife from around the world.

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Zoo Events

Friday, May 6
Compete for team prizes in this after-hours scavenger hunt for adults!

Tuesday, May 3
Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, presents a book-release talk about economic decisions that impact animal welfare.

Saturday, May 7
Join the zoo’s teen Conservation Ambassadors Board for an interactive event in support of the zoo’s Urban Wildlife Institute!

         Share your top snapshot with @LincolnParkZoo!
         Share your top snapshot with @LincolnParkZoo!
Recent News
Regenstein Macaque Forest
by Lincoln Park Zoo

Happy birthday to Obu (left), who turned 1 today! As you can see, the first-ever snow monkey born at Lincoln Park Zoo has grown a lot over the past year. He still spends much of his time hanging out with mom Ono, seen here holding her new baby,...

Photo of the Week
by Lincoln Park Zoo

Our final Photo of the Week of #ApeRil features juvenile gorilla Patty at Regenstein Center for African Apes. The 3-year-old is one of three kids in her family troop alongside fellow 3-year-old Nayembi and little gorilla Bella, who turned 1 in...

Lincoln Park Zoo
by Lincoln Park Zoo

Tons of native plants make Chicago’s Palmisano Park another top nature spot for scientists with Lincoln Park Zoo’s Urban Wildlife Institute.

See Their Full List...

Lincoln Park Zoo
by Lincoln Park Zoo

While insects make up the bulk of the blue-faced honeyeater’s diet, this vibrant species is named for its tendency to snack on nectar in its native Australia and New Guinea.

To keep this zoo population healthy over the long term,...

Lincoln Park Zoo
by Lincoln Park Zoo

Want a sneak peek at the Lincoln Park Zoo Challenge on Friday, May 6? See if you can solve the sample clue below, then sign up for the race yourself!


Lincoln Park Zoo
by Lincoln Park Zoo

World Penguin Day is the perfect time to share how accredited zoos and aquariums are working together to save endangered African penguins! Learn more with this video produced by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.


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